Friday, January 25, 2013

Little Introduction + Randomness

So I decided to record my first vlog! It's just a little bit about me, and a whole lotta randomness, which is what I'm all about. So sorry about all the uh's and um's in advanced. Hope you guys enjoy it! Also, leave any questions you have for me in the comments. I am really looking forward to recording more of these in the future!


  1. Oh you are the cutest! And I'm also 'fun-sized' at 5'2 :D

  2. You are adorable!!!
    ok question, if you could pick one single outfit as your favorite, which it would be?

  3. Hey :) I've nominated you for the Liebster Award! You can check out my blog for details x

  4. hey this is funny cause i, too nominated you for the Liebster award! guess you have to do it twice you popular gal! love your blog.


    here's the link

  5. I loved this.... now if we can find you better lighting so we can see you. That would be cool lol

  6. Marleeeen (that's me pronouncing your name CORRECT now, hehe)! You are the cutest thing everrr!!! And can I just say that your voice is not at all how I have always imagined. I pictured something really soft and mousey I guess? But I love how your voice-to me- kinda contrasts with the way you look/dress. Girls that have voices like yours have always been my favorite. This might not be making sense, but it's just because voices are hard to explain.
    I have spent the last few minutes skimming over your blog and my gosh, there's so much prettiness!! The purple dress that you paired with a collared polka dot underneath is the lovelies thing. I was practically drooling. :) And then when I got to this vlog I had to press play. I just loooove hearing what my blog and IG friends sound like. It makes it that much more real, like, "Hey there's my friend, Marlyn!! And she's talking!!" hahaha

    Anywho, I'm gonna try to be at least a weekly regularly in the blog world again, but like I said in my post, no promises. ;) I know I get lazy, and I really should say, "busy" with school, so I will when I can. But I'm still so thankful to have met wonderful girls like you through it and through IG.
    P.s. I love Modesto! I used to have a boyfriend who was from Escalon so we always went to Modesto, San Diego, San Francisco and whatnot. Very cool area of California. I wish I would have known you then and stopped off to see you! :)
    Welp, have a lovely day! Please do more vlogs and let us know on IG when you do; I'm more likely to see it there first and then come check it out here. :)))