Saturday, February 9, 2013

Knight's Ferry

Outfit details: Top- Forever 21 // Cardigan- J.Crew // Skirt- Forever 21 // Tights- Target // Boots- Wanted

This weekend the hubby and I went on a little adventure to Knight's Ferry. Knight's Ferry is little historic town about 30 minutes away from where I live. According to Wikipedia, Little House on the Prairie and Bonanza was filmed near there. Thought that was a neat little fact. Anyway, we felt like seeing a little bit of nature so we decided to pack the Canon and take a little trip. I didn't come prepared for any hiking trips, but I did have fun reading about Knight's Ferry and its history. We saw a beautiful river and mountains. It was nice to get out of the suburbs and see some beauty. Next time I plan on hiking a bit and doing some more exploring!


  1. I am jealous of your good weather. Looks like fun!

    1. And I'm jealous of everyone who has snow!

  2. you look stunning in yellow! love that!


  3. You are gorgeous, love the stripes

    A little bit Unique


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  4. You're too cute! Love this outfit! The colors work perfectly together.