Wednesday, February 13, 2013

How to Dress Up a Plain White Tee

I usually associate white t-shirts with jeans, but a white tee can definitely be dressed up as well. When I get ready I usually pick one piece of clothing, and the rest of the outfit revolves around it. Today I happened to pick this white t-shirt, but I didn't feel like pairing it with just a pair of jeans and mocs. So I decided to dress it up a bit! Here are a few ways to dress up a white tee.

Recently, I have been adding a lot of new pieces to my jewelry collection. This necklace is one of the new ones, and one of my favorites! I had been searching for the perfect triangle necklace, and I finally found it this weekend at Forever 21. It's such a pretty piece, and a plain t-shirt compliments it perfectly.

This is one of my fun go-to skirts. I love how puffy it is and the polka dots! I just can't stay away from those polka dots. This is also one of those pieces in my closet that takes the spotlight. Those kinds of pieces are perfect for a plain top.

Adding heels to any outfit automatically dresses it up. These booties go with absolutely everything, which is why they are my favorite.

 Outfit details: Top- Monrow // Necklace- Forever 21 // Skirt- Forever 21// Shoes- Franco Sarto

Even though I dressed up this white t-shirt, I still felt so comfortable. You get the best of both worlds! I got to wear a few of my favorite dressy pieces, but with a casual touch to it.

Mission accomplished.


  1. Cute look, especially the necklace!

  2. Love this look! This is definitely something I would wear x

  3. I love the way you dressed up this tee! So adorable! And I'm in love with that neckalce. It reminds me of bunting. Super cute :)


    1. It reminds me of bunting too! Thanks, dear!

  4. I love their playful take on this new trend. I especially love all the bright colored prom dresses from ycdress and dressesforbest

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