Thursday, December 27, 2012

Pop out with Popbasic

If it involves polka dots, I am in! Popbasic has an amazing micro collection launching very soon. Not only does it involve an adorable polka dot top, but it also includes two beautiful necklaces. Popbasic is looking to help us ladies keep up with the latest trends while looking as classy as can be.

You can order this micro collection at They also throw in a beauty or lifestyle surprise in all their orders. Sounds like a deal to me!

Bellow is an outfit created by me with the Popbasic top. Of course I had to throw a little red bow somewhere in there.

Outfit details: Top- Popbasic, Skirt- Fanfaronada on Etsy, Shoes- Modcloth, Purse-


  1. Replies
    1. Isn't it gorgeous?! I love puffy skirts!

  2. This is simply perfect. I'm a HUGE fan of everything here. The top is awesome.

    1. I am obsessed with bows and polka dots! I think I may need everything on this outfit!