Monday, December 10, 2012

Goals for 2013.

I'm pretty hopeful that the world isn't going to end in a few days. Therefore, I am making a few goals for the blog already. I have been such a bad blogger this year, and I'm definitely on the naughty list. All I have under my blog Christmas tree is coal. Wah. However, I am hoping to change my ways for 2013, and for the days that are left of December. I am hoping to spice things up a bit! I want to get my creative juices flowing and maybe add different types of posts to the blog.

I already have a few DIY projects in mind, recipes, and maybe even vlogs! I love music so maybe I can share a few playlists with you guys! Lets swap playlists! I can never have too many good songs to listen to. There's just so much that can be shared! I have seen so many gorgeous blogs that really keep me inspired. I hope one day I can be an inspiration to someone.

Also, blogging is such a great outlet. As humans we are capable of so many amazing things. Lets invest our time and energy into doing positive and amazing things! I am mostly preaching to myself because I have such a bad tendency of wasting time. I'm not only looking to improve my blog, but also improving myself as a human being. Life can get really tough, but most of the time those situations are temporary. Lets not waste our time worrying or moping around. Lets put that energy into writing, reading (which I need to do more of), learning, creating, laughing, and encouraging each other.

Ah, I got carried away. Anyway, you all get what I mean. Let me know if you guys have anymore ideas on ways to make this place a little bit more lovely! Thank you!


  1. Yay for positive changes & staying motivated & inspired!! :)

    1. Yes! 2012 was awesome, but I have a feeling 2013 is going to be even better! Lets do this!