Tuesday, February 22, 2011

10 reasons you should do your homework.

I'm currently doing homework. Dreaded homework! I just decided to take a little break to talk about how much I hate it! Not really. I'm actually just here to encourage myself and other homework haters by listing 10 reasons we should do our homework.

10 Reasons You Should Do Your Homework

1. Gives you an excuse to make a "Study Music" playlist.
2. If you do your homework you'll probably do better on tests.
3. It gives you some alone time after a long/busy day.
4. Gives you a chance to pinpoint trouble areas so you can work on them. (You probably heard this one in class from your teacher.)
5. It makes you pull out your hair. (This is only applies to my fellow furry friends.)
6. Gives you an a adrenaline rush. (for my procrastinators.)
7. Can lead to good grades, which leads to a good GPA, which leads to good jobs.
8. Gives you an excuse to stay at home all day. Who goes out anyway? We are students. Students don't have fun.
9. It's an effective learning tool and gives you an excuse to use your brain. (Can you tell I am running out of reasons?)
10. When you finish you feel an extra special feeling called accomplishment, which makes you smile! :)


  1. you need to do your homework to graduate highschool

    1. No you don't in high school teachers hardly ever grade homework