Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Weekday Uniform

Outfit Details: Top- Forever 21 // Jeans- Lovesick // Necklace- c/o Scarlett Garnet // Boots- Franco Sarto // Bag- Thrifted

 Monday through Friday you can find me in a slouchy top and a pair of jeans. This is what I call my weekday day uniform. Today I fancied it up with this pair of heeled booties and a my favorite Scarlett Garnet necklace. There was a time when the only thing I wore was skirts and dresses, and I still wear them a lot but I've given pants a chance. It really helps when you find a pair of pants that you love. I'm a little bit on the short side (I'm 5'2") so finding a pair of jeans that isn't too long can be a difficult task. However, these are the perfect length for me! So I went and bought them in different colors! I am guilty of doing this with quite a few things. If I really love something, I go and buy it in every color. Can't go wrong with that!

While I was outside, I couldn't help but snap some photos of the pretty flowers that Spring brought me. All the trees are covered in flowers, the birds are chirping away, and I can leave the windows open all day. I'm enjoying everything about Spring just like I knew I would.


  1. Love the print on your blouse! Cute :)


  2. You do rather rock these jeans. Looking great!

  3. Your outfit is soooooo adorable!

    Rosa Clementine

  4. You look so cute in this! One of my favorite looks.

  5. super cute outfit, I was so happy today it was actually warm and sunny here in BC Canada so outfits like this can be worn soon! yay

  6. um. stunning. this whole outfit is so stinking cute! you are just adorable! xoxo

  7. I love the print of the slouchy top! This is the perfect weekday uniform :) So excited to see some spring blooms, we are a bit behind out here in Colorado but I did see fuzzy little buds on the tree outside this window this morning!
    Hope you're having a fabulous day!
    xo Hannah

  8. Hello! I found you from being a fellow sponsor of Selective Potential this month :)

    You are adorable and I love this outfit. Your top and and necklace match perfectly!

    Sophie |

  9. just became your newest follower and am obsessing over these ankle boots! and your site/style! love that you stop and smell the roses, the little things are the most important--after all, in the end theyre the big things right? cant wait to read more! happy easter weekend xo